Journey to Health Mastery

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Hi there!

If you clicked on this blog, I can only assume 1 (if not all) of 4 things:

  1. You’re wanting have a massive understanding of the landscape of your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual health and become the ABSOLUTE healthiest, happiest, smartest, strongest, potentially enlightened version of yourself

2. You’re trying to fix a specific problem you or someone you know is experiencing as quickly and effectively as possible without the negative side effects, and

3. You’re tired of sorting through all of the bullsh*t information that you hear from your unhealthy/uncaring friends, unempathetic doctors that hate their jobs, and the people who do not know what they are talking about (I know I’m one of the few million people who claim that there’s a lot of b.s. info and that mine isn’t, but I hope you feel mine rings with truth) when it comes to health… and you want the truth(s).

4.You’re aimlessly scrolling the internet looking for entertaining content but also want to feel productive by educating yourself. Good for you!

If you fall into any of these categories, this is the blog for you.

Short(ish) Backstory

My name is Zack Plauché. I’m a former severe major depressive disorder/general anxiety disorder sufferer, who managed to heal himself without the use of pharmaceuticals (Prozac, Zoloft, other SSRI’s,SNRI’s, etc.) and a lot of reading the right books at the right time. Every single symptom of depression you could think of, I’ve experienced. What it took to fix that (among other problems I discovered I had) was figuring out how the brain works,how our bodies work, and how even this life works.

Since then, my devoted passion for health and self-mastery (and education) has slowly been bringing me success. I still struggle with certain aspects of my health (and life) at this time, which is why I’m calling this my “Journey” to health mastery. Currently, I am no master. I have a lot to learn, and I’m not trying to be a “cookie cutter” mold of someone who blogs, so beware the lack of a filter (fuck). BUT… intuitively I’ve always felt a deeper sense of what’s good for me and what’s not, and then the information I did learn sort of caused it to stick, thus coincidentally making me an expert (and aspiring master).

I’ve placed upon myself the responsibility of becoming a master in Wholistic Health and Life-Style, which also means being a continual learner, teacher, and marketer on the subject to help others (and myself) achieve the maximum healthy, productive, amazing lifestyle you want to live.

What could you POSSIBLY know about health vs. a Doctor?

Great Question! The difference between me and a traditional doctor is that I haven’t gone to college, and really don’t plan on it. I self educate and take action upon what I learn, discover what works and what doesn’t work, trial, error, and adjustment (mainly on myself). I self heal. I read books that doctors write, and I plan on interviewing and meeting a ton (hopefully one day Dr. Mark Hyman). I read a ton of different perspectives and try to keep an open mind as much as possible (don’t worry, not too open)

Big Idea #1

The first thing to know is that, to achieve what for now I’ll call “Perfect Health”, is that Every Part of your Health Connects to the Other. That means you cannot affect one without also affecting the others. Literally. Whether you work on it in a good way or a not so good way (healthy or unhealthy), everything will be affected. “Perfect Health” is achieved by maintaining a wholistic balance of your health (Wholistic refers to a whole or whole body. It means considering the Mind, body and spirit). For example, if you are a couch potato or a cave troll (you don’t really see the light or socialize with other people who much, you don’t set time to maintain your health much), and you don’t exercise, socialize, or at least even eating healthy, more than likely, you’re not going to have a good time.

Big Idea #2

This idea is still in development, but just know it’ll point a general direction towards making healthy decisions (balance, freedom, free will, healthy foods, love, passion, etc.)

But Why?

Because I wish someone would’ve had this when I was depressed.

I want to give people a way out of whatever health funk they are in, and offer my guidance, attention, and understanding of their situation.

I’m putting a TON on my plate for you (and I’m probably a little fucking crazy in the pursuit of mastering every single part of health… lol) because I truly want to help people (myself included) be the absolute best (borderline psychic fit super human of the future) version of themselves they can be. So stay close, pay attention, and if you follow my advice you’re likely to become one of the more likely to thrive in this life of ours.

What to Expect

I’ll only be covering EVERY SINGLE topic of health you could think of (potentially even the ones you couldn’t). Just know every topic I blog about will be under one or more of the categories of Mind, Body, and Spirit (+Life). Oh look a list (no specific order):

  1. Food
  2. Sex
  3. Nutrition
  4. Technology
  5. Values
  6. Religion
  7. Diet
  8. Spirituality
  9. Psychedelics
  10. Chakras
  11. Auras
  12. Medication
  13. Meditation
  14. Pharmaceuticals
  15. Herbalism
  16. Parkour
  17. Business
  18. Self-Management
  19. Alternative Medicine
  20. Crystals
  21. Reiki
  22. Surgery
  23. Life-Style
  24. Eyes
  25. Social life
  26. Psychology
  27. Skin
  28. Muscle
  29. Pets
  30. Art
  31. Thoughts
  32. Influences
  33. Surgery
  34. Travel
  35. Depression
  36. Anxiety
  37. Social Anxiety
  38. Reading Books
  39. Creativity
  40. Hair
  41. etc.

Get the picture? Everything you do and consume has to do with your health in one way or another, and Imma be postinz a lotz of it.

Whether it be through videos, blog posts, interviews, etc., I believe the information and ideas will be of true value to you and your health.

As I get better at blogging, I’ll do my best to organize the information to make it as digestible as possible, and eventually I plan on selling premium products and services, not until I am ready though. I will also try to be doing affiliate marketing, but don’t worry, I will only provide links to truly amazing products that I myself would buy (and have tried, and believe me, I will not be promoting bullshit no matter what.)

Other than those things, I’ll try to keep my posts as entertaining and comprehensive as I possibly can.

What NOT to expect

Any salesy, pushy, fake, or other… just… weird sleazy forms of writing. I’m doing this for you. I’m not here to withhold or hide any information AT ALL and I’m not just leading you on to a product. For Example:

“Just be sure to wait until the VERY end of this post to receive your free content! But make sure you read all of this bullsh*t I’m currently telling you to keep your attention to further understand what I’m secretly trying to sell you as I reveal the price at the VERY end just so you know you’re getting the absolute BEST DEAL EVER because this is what I’ve been told about how to market and get your money! Also, if you subscribe to my email list RIGHT ABSOLUTELY POSSI(F*CKING)TIVELY NOW I’ll give you this insignificantly small piece of content JUST so I can infiltrate my content seeds into your inbox and eventually your soul.”

Note that I do plan on having an email list, but I’m not going to bullshit you about what it’s for or how to get on it. I want my content to have a rich meaningful impact on your (specifically each and everyone reading this’) life.

Final Notes

I would and will ALWAYS love to hear your questions feedback so as I progress as a blogger and health master, I can provide you with the best answers and information on the internet.

I’ll do my best to put up a new post every week. (lol this should be fun)

I hope one day to have a fu manchu mustache and to be meditating in my shrine on top of a mountain with people climbing 5,000 stairs to reach me for my advice.

You guys are awesome, I love you, and I’ll see you on my next post.

Thank you for reading 😉

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