Health Mastery: Getting Back Into It

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Since last June when I first started my website, living in Peachtree City, Georgia, I’ve been doing a lot of growing.

I started my blog not really knowing what I was doing (in many ways, still don’t…) but I do see the direction I want it to go in. I wasn’t lying when I originally talked about the topic. I want to help people in a massive way. I want to help people achieve perfect health, as well as further develop the idea of what that means. I don’t want people to have to be fed incorrect information on the topic of health. I don’t want people to have to rely on medication, to have to deal with mental illness, obesity, immobility, other “common, not normal” problems that society deems “normal”.

I want to make it easy as possible for people to get back to normal, fully functioning health. As Owen Cook would say, to help people learn how to “walk through the world with ease.”

Health Mastery Redefined

When regarding health, most people are aware of the mind, body, and spirit connection.

When regarding to physical health, we want to have a high metabolism for faster healing and food intake. We want to have flawless skin, we want to be faster, stronger, more flexible, more mobile, fuck more, and look sexy as fuck whilst doing so. We don’t want to be sick in anyway, shape, or form, and we want our immune systems to be like tanks. We don’t want to contract cancer about as much as we don’t want our dicks to stop working from erectile disfunction (or some equivalent for woman… I may have to talk with Devin). We want to be able to defend ourselves, or disarm those trying to harm others.

When we think of mental health, it’s a bit different. We want to have laser-like focus, self-mastery, photographic memory, quick and clear thinking, and stable emotions (none of which are too much to ask). We don’t want to have depression, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, social anxiety, alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, or any other medically mental illness. We want to be able to consume new information and better adapt to our environment or have our environment adapt to us.

When we look at spiritual health, we want to be able accept whatever situation we are in. We don’t want to judge others, we want to be happy with what we have, and we want to be able to be and feel fully alive. We desire to be the creators of our world, continue on the natural path to growth (checkout Spirit Science on if you’re new to this), and be able to have the self-awareness that’ll let you rule and live the fullfilling, content life you were meant to live. Or just be super content and passive and live in a cave meditating, experiencing life however you want, but at least having that choice! Being able to lead yourself, being independent, self reliant, and radiating that positive, attractive, present energy.

The development of all of these are crucial; However, they are not everything. The last part, which I believe is largely overlooked as a learnable skill, is Social Health.

We humans are social animals. We are either dependent, independent, or interdependent people, living in an interdependent world, and universe. Learning how to universally communicate with the people around you, is possibly the most important aspect of your health imaginable. Everything from turning strangers into family, separating yourself from toxic people, breaking out of social conditioning and the expectations of others. Building a social circle full of people who genuinely care about you and your success, who are fun and fucking amazing to be around. They say we are most alive when we are deeply connecting with other human beings.

The consequences of not having social skills developed (some more extreme than others) include:

  • Social Awkwardness
  • Violent Behavior
  • Homicide
  • Suicide
  • Rape (stemming from lack of empathy, lack of social awareness, sexual repression from not being able to attract mates)
  • Loneliness
  • Low-Self Esteem
  • Japanese Tentacle Porn (no joke, sexual repression is a real thing, look in American Society, the fact that this stuff is taboo in places is what is causing the problems)
  • Narcissism
  • Not being able to spot exposure to poor influences (Media, environments, people)
  • Dependent thinking (“being a sheep”, relying on group think, living by other peoples values whether they are right or wrong, though you may not have your own opinions)
  • Others

The point of social health, having a social life (or more important, having a fucking epic social life) is to bring people together, to accomplish more than we could on our own, to help each other and help the world and human race evolve, be supported, and develop as a species. Growing off of others ideas, being able to influence and work with people in a positive way. To both survive (when necessary) and thrive in social situations and become a person of your own unique expression and character.

The combining self-mastery of all of these aspects (Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Social Health) are whats going to optimize your first vehicle, make you much more self-reliant and capable, and make your life absolutely amazing. This is the blog of a visionary, and idealist, and a realist. 

End Notes

My blog is going to be a continually developing and worked on place for my ideas, personal experiences, results, and advice, and accomplishments.

I’m a believer in not taking advice from people who don’t have the results you want in life. Would you take financial advice from someone whose homeless? Dating advice from your friends who aren’t getting laid? Relationship advice from your friend who just broke up with their partner and temporarily says they hate men/women? Hopefully not, that’s why I believe it is important to look at results when deciding who you learn from (don’t take blogging advice from me… yet). If you like what I write, test it out. Don’t just say “well Zack said it so it must be true.” Take what is applicable to your life and test it for yourself. That’s a social skill.

This is my blog on health, and my life. As you read, you’ll figure out if this blog is for you or not. If you get offended by my throwing around of the word fuck then its not for you. If you get offended by my views and opinions, this blog isn’t for you.

If you like what I have to say, and are on a similar path to bettering the future of yourself, your health, your life, and the world around you, this will be for you.

I want to create a tribe centered around the idea of optimal, sustainable, and possible large scale health, for everyone. Developing ideas on making that accessible.

I’ll cover a multitude of topics as I’m ever adding to my general base of knowledge. I’ll throw out references, show what I’m doing, and document my life.

Thank you for reading.

~Zack Plauché

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